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Art Diary - 七 | SEVEN 

   SEVEN is the second workshop in the art series "Art Diary" here at IINNOO Gallery. This workshop will be led by artists: Zhuang Ying, Sunny J, and Chen Xiaoyin. You're encouraged to bring interesting materials, like meaningful photos, magazine clippings, fabric swatches, small objects, string, yarn, etc. Space is limited, please RSVP (information below)

   A journal, also called a notebook, is used for keeping notes. It first appeared during the Meiji era as an "Itinerary Book" for government and military officials. In Japan, most people carry around a notebook called a "Techou" that they can pull out to read or write something on. 

   Nowadays, the journal is no longer a simple notebook, it is an accessible form of creating art. Its limitless options become a record of your life and mood The handbook represents a sense of ritual and happiness. It is a physical memory combining text, images, materials, and other media. 


IINNOO Gallery is inviting three artists from the current exhibition, "Her" to share their creative processes. Their creative styles are quite different, using materials such as paint, fiber, or photography to express themselves. Using their artistic techniques, we hope to let you own a happy memory that can be held in your hands.   





Autumn Lyn


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