Solo Exhibitions

2017    “The World Ⅳ”,Alexander Castle of Serlachius Museum , Finland(October 26-29) 

2016    “Inferior Paradise”, UNAC TOKYO, Japan(September 5-17) 

        “Her letter only says "yes".”, Art-League gallery , Saint Petersburg, Russia. (April 24) 

        “Cellular”, Werner Thöni Artspace(WTA), Barcelona, Spain(March 3-19) 

2015    "The will for changing the world", Gallery Natsumikan Daikanyama, Tokyo, Japan (September 4- September 13) 

        "After Big Five", UNAC TOKYO, Tokyo, Japan (April 8- April 18) 

2014    "OM", Ouchi gallery, New York, USA (July 29 - August 3) 

        "Mi", Gallery coen, Kanagawa, Japan (May 13 - Jun 1) 

2013    The art of"self‐healing and self‐certification",UNAC Tokyo, Japan(January10-24) 


Group Exhibitions

2018    Art - Lab , Shun Gallery, Shang - hai , China (April 19 - 22) 

2017    The group show for Artist in Residency 2015 - 2016 by ALTE SCHULE Hohenstein Artists Residency (February 2 - April 2) 

2016    Niigata Office Art Street 2016, Niigata, Japan (September 24 - October 23) 

        Icke and friends, Werner Thöni Artspace WTA (September 2 - October 7) 

2015    Curves & Lines, Linus Gallery LA (February, Selected online Exhibition) 

2014    The Senses, Linus Gallery, Los Angeles (March, Selected online Exhibition) 

        Pop up art show, Los Angeles (March 15 - March 31) 

2013    Onward - Navigating the Japanese Future 2013 by Artrates, Hive Gallery, Los Angeles (December 19-28) 

        ACTLABO X 2013 Final by The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo×C/LABORATORY, Tokyo (December 13- 15) 

             ACTLABO X 2013 by The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo×C/L ABORATORY, Tokyo (October 15- 20) 

2011    "Residence in the Gallery" The Artcomplex Center of Tokyo,Tokyo(July10-August2)







2017      “世界Ⅳ”,芬兰塞拉丘乌斯博物馆亚历山大城堡(10月26日至29日)

2016      “Inferior Paradise”,UNAC TOKYO,日本(9月5日-17日)



2015      “改变世界的意志”,日本东京画廊Natsumikan Daikanyama(9月4日-9月13日)

          “五大以后”,UNAC TOKYO,日本东京(4月8日-4月18日)

2014      “OM”,大内画廊,美国纽约(7月29日-8月3日)

          “Mi”,Gallery coen,神奈川,日本(5月13日-6月1日)

2013      UNAC东京,日本(1月10日-24日)“自我修复和自我认证”的艺术



2018      中国上海顺画廊艺术实验室(4月19日-22日)

2017      ALTE SCHULE海恩斯坦艺术家居住(2月2日-4月2日)2015年至2016年驻留艺术家群展

2016      新泻日本艺术街2016,日本新泻(9月24日-10月23日)


2015      曲线与线条,Linus Gallery LA(二月,精选在线展览)

2014      The Senses,Linus画廊,洛杉矶(3月,精选在线展览)


2013      洛杉矶Hive画廊Artrates举办2013年日本未来之旅(12月19日-28日)

          ACTLABO X 2013东京Artcomplex中心决赛×C/LABORATORY,东京(12月13日-15日)

          东京Artcomplex中心的ACTLABO X 2013×东京的C/LABORATORY(10月15日-20日)

2011      “画廊中的住宅”东京东京艺术中心(7月10日-8月2日)

 Phylogenetic Tree 


 Acrylic and pen on paper, 2017 , 100x148mm (5.8×3.94inch) each, 2516×6200mm(99×244inch) whole work 


   “How much could we imagine our daily lives? Could we do so beyond what we possess and what we see? Would you picture who the owner is of the piece which is just adjacent to yours?” 


   This work, consisting of several pieces, projects an open - end one in which creating and missing co-progress. Some pieces having been delivered to Japanese and Fin individuals respectively, the creator Ouma herself cannot any more watch the whole work at a time. 


    Being an ex veterinarian, Ouma is creating “cellular” art, where every tiny work piece represents a cell in the project as well: each tiny piece of the work is connected to the neighboring ones, making all of them constitute one huge work. 


   In effect, cells are defined as the smallest life constituents in Biology. A human body is said to be made up of some 3.7 trillion cells. In other words, each and every one of us is comprised of 3.7 trillion “lives”. 


   Sets of artworks are produced at a given tim e, each work being defined as a Family ( 科 ). So, if pieces belong to the same Family, they show a similar color tone; even if your piece happen to match a neighboring one, but the color tone differs, the two of them belong to different Families. All colors used are different from one another. 


   The artist’s real name of Ouma is Tomoko ( 知子 ), with tomo meaning “knowledge”. “To know” in Chinese language is expressed as chi - dou ( 知道 ), where “dou”, or way, not only means a road but also implies a way to Truth. The lines freely running over the whole work do not enable you to watch the picture as a whole, but allow you to learn and imagine the Truth that the world has much more than what you have known. 


   Pieces of the work shall live and expand, being purchased by people in various countries. 


   “Even though a piece may seem small, if thanks to it you can vividly imagine the beauty of our whole world, I could not be elated more”. 

    系统演化树 ​​


   丙烯纸钢笔画,每张尺寸 100X148 毫米, 2017 年 


  “我们可以对我们的日常生活作何想象?我们能否超越我们所拥有和 所 看到的东西? 你 能想象出那些 日常所见物 品 的拥有者都是谁吗?” 


   该作品不受画家本人意志的限制, 是由鉴赏者来共同创作 完成的。它 由一个个独立的小作品拼凑而成 ,每个小作品可以任由鉴赏者创作或修改。由于部分小作品已给了日本和芬兰的收藏家,画家Ouma本人都已经无法再一次看到完整作品了。 


  在成为艺术家之前,Ouma是一名兽医,她创作的是一种名为“细胞”的艺术。每个小作品代表整个大作品中的一 个“细胞”,而每个小作品 之间又互相关联,共同构成一幅完整的大作品。 


   事实上,在生物学中,细胞被界定为最小的生命形态。据说人体由大约 3.7 万亿个细胞组成。也就是说,我们每个人都由大约3.7万亿个“生命”构成。 


   她的系列艺术作品在特定的时间内制作而成,每个大作品被界定为一个“科”。如果一个大作品中的小作品属于同一个“科”,那么它们的色调就基本相同 。但是,如果邻近的小作品之间恰好互相 匹配,色调却不同,那么这两个小作品便属于不同的“科”,所使用的颜色便也各不相同。 


   Ouma的本名叫“ 知子 ”(Tomoko),其中tomo的意思是 “知” ,在中文语境中是 “知道” 的意思 。而“道”不仅指道路,还有通向真理之路的意思。作品中的线条无法让你看到作品的全貌,但至少可以了解到这样一个“真理”,那就是:这个世界比你了解的要复杂和丰富得多。 




   “即使作品的每个组成 部分可能看上去非常渺小,但是 通过它 ,全世界的美妙就能栩栩如生地展现在你眼前,我也将感到无比欣慰。” 

Phylogenetic Tree 1
Phylogenetic Tree 1

Acrylic and pen on paper / 丙烯纸钢笔画 800 x 894 mm 2017年

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Phylogenetic Tree 2
Phylogenetic Tree 2

Acrylic and pen on paper / 丙烯纸钢笔画 1300 x 632 mm 2017年

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Phylogenetic Tree
Phylogenetic Tree

Acrylic and pen on paper / 丙烯纸钢笔画 2516×6200 mm 2017年

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Phylogenetic Tree 1
Phylogenetic Tree 1

Acrylic and pen on paper / 丙烯纸钢笔画 800 x 894 mm 2017年

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