Mycrocosmos / 绽放

    IINNOO Gallery is proud to present You Si’s Mycrocosmos, an exhibition including 24 of You Si’s recent paintings. Mycrocosmos explores the artist’s personal conception of an ever-changing, never-stagnant reality of interconnected organisms, objects, and technology. This exhibition takes a refined look at You Si’s careful interlacing of not only disparate motifs but also the interaction of the smallest and the largest universes. Each work possesses a surprising multitude of themes that emerge within the woven pattern of the image. Reoccurring in many paintings is the representation of reproduction on a physical and a cellular level, which often act as primary layers that slow the reveal of other motifs like biology, new technology, nature, fantasy, and the overloaded experience of living the modern day. 




Untitled, 188.8 × 188.8cm, Acrylic Ink on Rice Paper 


   In Making of Memory, 2010, repetitive ink dots swirl, spiral, and descend into one another like vascular systems in a body, cells following invisible paths, or flying lights merging into a busy scene below. Here, biological references mix with a potential future of flying cars and vertiginous heights. The result is a scene of a complex and fractal-like reality under You Si’s microscope.








Making of Memory , 188.8 × 188.8cm, Acrylic Ink on Rice Paper 

   And like the visible patterns of his work, You Si’s influence is a fractalation of the many cultures he has lived in. Making of Memory flows like a Pollock drip painting but each line is planned and developed with great control. The painting has clear influence from the aboriginal Papunya Tula art style that You Si studied while living in Australia. The ink and rice paper media harken back to You Si’s Chinese roots. The artist’s work is an attempt to synthesize a life of interconnected knowledge and thoughts, which culminates in paintings grand in scope but careful of the minutiae. Other works like Morph to a new Solar, 2009 shows the artist’s attention to the similarities between the micro and macro worlds, resulting in a swirling universe of creation shared between the two. 


   就像他的作品一样,游思的影响力是他所生活的许多文化片段的聚集。”记忆的制作”就像波洛克滴水画一样,但每条线都是在很大的控制下进行规划和发展的。这幅画在澳大利亚居住期间研究的土着帕潘亚·图拉(Papunya Tula)的艺术风格有明显的影响。墨水和宣纸媒体让人回想起游思的中国血统。艺术家的作品是一种综合了相互关联的知识和思想生活的尝试,最终形成了范围广泛而又细致的细节。其他作品如2009的’异域的升腾’    展示了游思对微观和宏观世界之间相似性的关注,从而产生了两者之间共享的旋转宇宙。



Becoming the Mass, 180 × 180cm, Acrylic Ink on Rice Paper 


  In the eyes of the viewer, the micro/macro dichotomy soon becomes the central concern of his paintings. How can they exist simultaneously while following different laws? What would it look like if we could see them simultaneously? And how does that change our vision of the world?









Untitled, 29.5 x 29.5 cm x 9, Acrylic Ink on Rice Paper 

  You Si was born in Beijing in 1954 and graduated from with a B.A. from Anhui Province School of Arts and a MFA from the Shanghai Theater Academy in 1982. From 1988 until 2006, You Si lived in New York City. His work has been collected by the Melbourne National Museum, White Rabbit Gallery, the Origle Family Foundation, Ilya Lugatenko Collection, the Spanish Royal Family, various embassies throughout China, and has been auctioned at Christie's NY on three occasions.


    游思是1954年出生于北京,1982年毕业于安徽省艺术学院和上海戏剧学院艺术硕士。从1988年到2006年,游思住在纽约市。他的作品被墨尔本国家博物馆,白兔画廊,Origle家庭基金会,Ilya Lugatenko Collection,西班牙王室,中国各大使馆收藏,并曾三次在纽约佳士得拍卖。





Peter Hagan